This is a beginning

Adoration of the Light upon Light

Adoration of the Light upon Light

This is a confessional. I have sinned, with myself and others. I forgive myself. I must develop strength to break my spirit away from inhibitions that fetter it. This is a temple.

This is a diary. I write about what I observe and try to tranform it aesthetically. I make sense of my experience. I express my joys and sorrows. I work towards a spontaneous freedom of expression. This is mindspace.

This is a newspaper. I connect to the time outside of me, and converse with its mood.  I slow myself down to the speed of logic. I pray for justice. I judge situations and character, so I may create a lucidity for myself . This is a courtroom.

This is a theatre. I act, I deceive, I compose. The seriousness of drama, the windings and unwindings of its tensions, find importance here. Memories come and strip their delusions. They get attention here; a hearing, a patient hearing. This is a laboratory.

This is a hospital. I nurse myself into health, lose a poisonous self possession. I mitigate my sorrow by comprehending its soreness. I pray for strength, and distill a potion of love for my weaknesses. From  a chaos inside my mind, I move towards a clearer and brighter world. I seek light. Light upon light! This is a playground.


~ by Bombadil on January 3, 2007.

4 Responses to “This is a beginning”

  1. This is a canvas on which you make a portrait of yourself. You imagine, you create, you play God. You rebel. You lie, and believe the lie.

    These words sound too impressive to be honest, but nevertheless they are mighty impressive. Read again what you have written my friend. You might get impressed, just like I did.

  2. Bhai! Thanks for coming. 🙂

  3. You are fucking good man! I am glad you are still writing!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration, Ashwini. I know I can always try to touch to your heart. You scratch my back; I’ll scratch yours 😉

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