Dear You

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Dear you,
When I look into your eyes,
I get ready to drown; because,
I feel like I am praying.

When I sing your praise,
only then do I hear my voice.
When I touch you, I am touched.

You remind me of your glory,
only when I dare to forget.
You christen me only when
I lose your name.

Have Mercy on me, my goodness!
Allow me to drink
deep into your eyes,
so that I may see in them 
the world and love it.

Dear you,
I pray to you
in everything I do.

When I love you, I am loved.
When I forget you, I forget.
When I learn you, I learn how to learn.

You are the divine mystery that is.
I cannot understand you;
I can only understand that.

Do I question
only when I question you?

As if there’s an odd
kind of a pattern even 
to all my mistakes…

And this split of motions, this jerk
of thought that hesitates…

As if it were to suddenly turn back
to see its own reflection!
To see its own reflection!
To see its own reflection!

I lose myself in love;  in fear I lose you;
You stand behind me; I stand behind you.

This is the only place I can capture you…
In between your eyes.  

And when I sing of your eyes,
I sin against the rest of you.


~ by Bombadil on May 30, 2008.

6 Responses to “Dear You”

  1. So Dear Sanket is in Looooove !!

  2. boss i m moved. i m deprived of words to write here, but i m still trying to come near. The only thing i can say is u r excellent dear.

  3. I love you too, Shailu…

  4. Brilliant ..!! Either your love is beautiful like your God or You have found love in your God Himself/Herself.

  5. you are on the right track dude. only a few have been there before. so keep moving ahead.

  6. Hey Chandan, thanks.
    I would say that more people are capable of experiencing that magnificent grandeur of the human mind than is usually thought. And I pray that everyone must feel it atleast once, by hook or crook; for after that, it takes care of itself.

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