The Joy of being Shane Warne

All knowledge begins to come following the prime cause. Shane Warne first came to my observation when he was visited in his dreams by Sachin Tendulkar (in him we believe). The way he expressed his admiration for Sachin, established in my mind the authenticity of Shane Warne himself. Sachin Tendulkar has always been this touchstone of bowlers: those who want to know themselves, come to map their talents against him. It is Sachin’s exaltedness that I am writing about Warne, even when I actually intend to write about Warne himself. Anyways, it is customary to begin with an auspicious name.

Shane Warne’s fame does not beg much description for cricket lovers; he’s a supreme artist of spincraft, a cricketing genius which expressed itself in the effeminate art of legspin bowling. Above all, a large-hearted and shrewd man, capable of exploiting the means towards the glory of ends.

Today, Shane Warne’s team Rajasthan Royals lifted the DLF cup in the inaugural IPL final. It was a pleasure to know that Shane Warne, having rubbed his shoulders with Mark Taylor, Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting, considers this team the best he played with. Afterall, he was the captain-cum-coach of this band of merry men. He chose them himself, groomed them and led them from the front. He played god. He should’ve captained Australia.

Shane Warne reminds me of Mike Brearly (about whom I’ve only read), since Brearly has become the famous name amongst the likes of John Hampshire, Saurav Ganguly and Clive Lloyd. Having never captained his home country, Shane Warne got the chance with Hampshire. England has never done anything interesting after inventing cricket, so, there was never any scope for the grandeur in EPL that Shane Warne deserved and desired. IPL, self-promoted as the big daddy of entertainment, gave him the stage for showcasing all his talents. And he did it. Kudos to him! One could see a matured Yusuf Pathan, a smiling Munaf Patel throwing himself around the field, Sohail Tanveer actualising his deadly potential. Murali must have been speechless today. Such is jealousy; it drives one to suceed, the other to criticise. From heaven, both derive their light. More on Murali later; he is too great for a just passing mention.

When IPL started, my conditioned brain prompted me to think that Deccan Chargers must win easily, and Rajasthan Royals will bite the dust. It was clear on paper. Today, I can’t help enjoying the sensation of godliness Shane Warne must be experiencing. Afterall, it is so humbling.

Shane Warne, congratulations! I am sure you know this high to be better than nanodriline and easy virtue. I am hoping the matches were not fixed. And even if they were, I think I liked the script. May you play for 10 more years, and more.

I call this an example of empathetic narcissism.


~ by Bombadil on June 1, 2008.

One Response to “The Joy of being Shane Warne”

  1. Shane Warne has been the difference maker in Royals team his captaincy took Royals to IPL victory certainly he is the best captain Australia never had

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