When an Aries meets a Scorpio

I hope that you desire;
you desire that I hope. 
We bring Mars’ fire 
down to earth, and elope.

Have patience; I am mad.
I know you are too.
You are beautiful and sad;
It is sad but true.

True, I don’t deserve you;
you, too, are not god.
Spare me the holy mystery;
spare me the frowning nod.

I am not an equal,
and this is all I ask: 
Let there be no sequel
and not another task.

(You frown)

Let the light on the curves
that form on your forehead
not make another rainbow; or 
promise to raise the dead.

Let the light in your eyes
not make another world
swirl in mad dimensions
and then be humbled.

Let the burn that you hide 
fill the cave that I’m inside.
I give you back your light;
You give me back my sight.


~ by Bombadil on June 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “When an Aries meets a Scorpio”

  1. This one is interesting, save the last two paragraphs!

  2. Your impatience is but obvious. I wonder what’s happening.

  3. Akshaya

    Well, it is as it is now.


    Oye, sissy. I always knew someone in my family would discover this confession room.

    My impatience is but obvious, you say. Hmmm… it was. As Ghalib says:

    Ghair lain mehfil mein bose jaam ke
    Ham rahein yoon tishnalab paigham ke

    It means:

    Others kiss the winelike name of my friend,
    I wait endlessly for a message from her end.

    You must remind me to introduce you to introduce you to Urdu poetry, especially Mirza Ghalib. It will help you one day when you realise that nothing, not even love, is true. There is only God. But you don’t worry, you have many more things to see before that, Insha Allah.

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