Novembering in June







I picture you not as a flower, but smell.
I also picture you as
the energy of a dancing goddess;
the fear of a secret assassin;
the poison of a loving serpent,
amongst many other things.
You are the essence of my changing,
the source of my evolution.
It is my hobby to paint you
in the winters of your birth:
nascent and raw, evil and beautiful;

like a diamond studded ice queen
whose hair are the substance of night
and eyes the elixir of galaxies;
in whose lap gods of untruth commit
the confessions of their desires.
This is where I rest my worried head:
in the country of fanstasy and imagination, 
drawing you as the princess
of that unknown kingdom of thanksalot,
endlessly waiting with a crescent of countless moons, 
yearning to grace the knight of perfect desires.
By seeing you thus as a myth of false colors, 
I regain my vision; my sight transpires.


~ by Bombadil on June 16, 2008.

One Response to “Novembering in June”

  1. The flower is extremely beautiful and i am seriously short of words to praise the beauty of the poem.

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