A Friendly Parable

For Abhishek*

Sakharam worked as a clerk in a company belonging to the Lord. An employee of the Lord, he prayed often and wished diligently for the Lord’s grace. One day, pleased with his services, the Lord gave him a call, as a friendly routine.

Sakharam was astonished. He ardently argued, that he was dirty and needed cleaning. He requested for the Lord’s permission. The Lord –although he did not much care for these things —  obliged with a smile. Sakharam bathed, annointed himself, and dressed himself in new clothes to please his Lord.

Sakharam called back the Lord, and the Lord answered. He asked Sakharam what he wanted. Sakharam, being humble, only wished that the Lord speak with him. And they began to talk. The Lord asked Sakharam:

Sakharam, I wish to ask you something. How do you manage to be happy doing all the things you have to do to promote yourself in my company?

Sakharam replied:

Lord, you mock me. You know everything and yet you ask your humble servant for an answer. Yet, still, I consider it my honour to tell you that I can see clearly through the trick question. O Lord, you yourself taught us that there is no happiness in the company even when you started it. But you provided a guarantee that there is happiness in all employees. How can success, which comes from the company, come in conflict with happiness, which comes from within?

The Lord replied:

Well done, Sakharam. I really want to meet you. I am well pleased to listen your answer. When can I come to visit you in person?

Sakharam replied:

O Lord, you humour me. It is I who must come to join you in your office. And I will do it very soon. And when that time shall come, O Lord, only you know.

The Lord continued:

You are right, Sakharam. It is such a pleasure to speak with you. Verily, I want people like you in my house. Tell me, what do you plan to do now?

Sakharam, in tears at receiving the lord’s Grace, replied in all honesty:

O Lord, the river Sarasvati that had dried up has now again begun to flow in my mind and it is oozing out of my eyes, and although I can only hear your voice, I feel as if I can see you. After this calls ends, I plan to let Sarasvati take its complete course, and weep and repent to my heart’s content, for I know that meeting you is at hand.

The Lord said:

O Sakharam, you and your slapstick humour. Ha ha! Keep it for the company, not for me. See you later!

And Sakharam, after placing the phone down, wept to his heart’s content, thanking the Lord profusely for his grace.


The company of a friend is like heaven.

The questioning of a friend is like self-examination.

The admonishing of a friend is like a warning towards the right path.

The love of a friend is like salvation.

Talking to a friend is like divine communion.

Losing a friend is like falling from grace.

A friend is like your self.


~ by Bombadil on February 1, 2009.

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