For a few words more

Bliss – the experience of wordlessness
Experience – that which transforms flesh into words, for example, death 
Schadenfreude – the joy you feel in the suffering of others
Joy – the feeling that you are experiencing knowledge
Feeling – a tangible experience of emotions
Emotion – A response towards life, anything which is not indifferent
Life – anything which has a memory
Memory – the record of a universe
Universe – the container of all words, even the impossible and improbable
Tangible – that which can be given a name
Compassion – the pain you experience in the suffering of others
Pain – an experience that reminds us the ability to give names
Baptism – The initiation into receiving all words, including your name
Name – an  identification of your inner nature
Word – Container of knowledge
Nature – that which is; always doing itself; in an uncontrolled manner
Man – the controller of his own name
Suffering – the unspeakable agony of being separated from… perfection
Perfection – that which alone knows its limits
Sacrifice – that original act which must be done to know anything
Knowledge – the reason why a universe is sacrificed
Evolution – an act of making a new much-improved dictionary
Love – that which you feel towards divinity
Divine – that which is beyond contempt
Contempt – that which you feel towards indifference
Indifference – a desire not to destroy one’s own flesh and blood
Sin – that which you accumulate to experience salvation
Salvation – a mysterious experience of divinity
Mystery – a secret which only death can reveal
Secret – that which is not known
Death – the causeless enemy of the philosopher
Philosopher – He who has no enemies, and nothing is very dear to him
Christ – that NAMELESS nature in all of us which destroys indifference
Beauty – Anything which contains Christ


~ by Bombadil on July 5, 2009.

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