Mother of all Poems

An old pond.
A frog jumps in.
The sound of water.


Jesus Christ!
I am so beautiful!


Ya Mohammad…
Ya Ali…
Ya Hussain…


A dense forest.
A donkey gets lost in it.
The lion eats it up.


The world-famous company
A novice gets recruited
He gets absorbed with his work


Gururdevo Maheshvarah


Wrath of the righteous Mountain
Million clouds pouring pointed water
A tiny finger pointing at the sky


To sum it all up:

Sansaar se bhage phirte ho
Bhagawan ko tum kya paaoge
Is lok ko bhi apna na sake
Us lok mein bhi pachtaaoge

I have completed five years with my employers today. It’s about time I get married and start working. Where do we begin? Ummm… I don’t know. I have to help others do their job well. What a great job I have!


~ by Bombadil on July 5, 2009.

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