Becoming nothing

For the anonymous reader

Given to extremes, abashed, amongst all I became.
The greater I grew, the more miniscule I became.

The hardest hole was hidden behind the holy house.
The wings had barely flapped when entrapped I became.

My entire being is a witness to it’s destruction. 
Why swear upon myself, when I that guy became?

The snake, too cruel to ask me if I am doing well,
slipping from head to tail, a sorrowful cry became.

What reward may your love offer in this world,
which, even without you, an oppressive lie became!

Too crowded was the air for the lack of insight. 
The grace of a tiny gaze an entire sky became.

Ecstatic, I kept a story writing drenched in blood. 
All the while pen-like absorbed and handless I became.

Ah! The warmth of your blood, from fear of which 
a haughty hollow heart the means of high became!

The lusty ones’ victory is in giving up the fight. 
Those lifted off their feet, flag-bearers shy became.

Witness, I didn’t stop to be naughty in the night;
a lover of others’ charity a beggar sly became.


~ by Bombadil on September 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Becoming nothing”

  1. Knocked off my perch

  2. So am I! To you, my friend. Cheers.
    – From Shillong, the road to which is breathtakingly beautiful.

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