This and That

Everybody’s Talking at Me – Harry Nilsson

Everybody’s talking at me.
I don’t hear a word they’re saying,
Only the echoes of my mind.
People stopping staring,
I can’t see their faces,
Only the shadows of their eyes.

I’m going where the sun keeps shining
Thru’ the pouring rain,
Going where the weather suits my clothes,
Backing off of the North East wind,
Sailing on summer breeze
And skipping over the ocean like a stone.


Fasting in Ramadan

Written by the creator of the blog belowAnachronistic Absudity

We are in the month of Ramadan, the holiest month for the Muslims, which coincides with Shravan. It is the month in which the Qur’an began to be revealed upon the Prophet Muhammad. Ramadan is, therefore, celebrated as the month in which the Holy Qur’an was sent down as a guide for entire humankind. This is remembered through many acts of faith such as prayer, fasting, charity, selfless service and piety. This collective remembrance entails many opportunities to improve oneself spiritually. Many good deeds as aforementioned are emphasized in all endeavors of the community. These observances lead to a sense of spiritual contentment and regeneration.

Fasting is a practice which pre-dates Islam and is a major source of spiritual enlightenment in all religions. Fasting during this month is mandatory for the Muslim community, unless one is suffering from a physical ailment or when one is traveling– in which case the prescribed period can be made up later in the year. The deeper meaning of fasting is realized when the individual cultivates a moral character and lives a life of balance and piety. Seeds of spiritual happiness are thus sown in a physical manner. Muslims are expected to practice self-restraint and remain ever conscious and God-fearing.

If a man be considered to be an aggregate of habits, fasting helps in cultivating this good habit of self-control; more importantly, in such a way that it can be easily followed throughout the year and throughout one’s life. (Hence, the phrase practising Muslims.) The ethic of self-restraint and purity is thus ingrained in the teachings of Islam. Once the seed of purity is implanted in a fertile human mind, and given the grace and mercy of God, can there be any doubt that sinlessness is far behind…

“Only when the senses are reined in, does conscience make itself heard, and the soul experience tranquility, well pleased with itself and well pleasing to its Lord” (From the Holy Qur’an).

… More Later


~ by Bombadil on August 18, 2010.

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