Memorable Roorkee

Memorable Roorkee

Remember, the beauty of the shade of a tree…

standing tall like a lone soldier at Roorkee,

when we all had dreams and desires and days —

full of leisure and love; yet, look at today:

no time to sleep, no time to dream,

Everybody wants to make me scream.

Flash back in my mind, oh the memory

of the beauty of the shade of the tree!


~ by Bombadil on November 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “Memorable Roorkee”

  1. The tree pic’s nice. The poem’s really simple. And nice. Thanks.
    is it cautley in the background?

  2. Yes. Thanks 🙂 SS?

  3. Lovely. I have the memory of a shade tree, too, and it’s a comforting memory in the midst of the turmoil of that time. Made me think of “All Things Bright and Beautiful.”

    The tall trees in the greenwood,
    The meadows where we play,
    The rushes by the water,
    We gather every day;–

    He gave us eyes to see them,
    And lips that we might tell,
    How great is God Almighty,
    Who has made all things well

    ~Cecil Alexander

    {thank you, too, for visiting my Piper at the Gates of Dawn post.}

  4. When the silence is unbearable,
    like lonely clouds of cactus plants in deserts
    in summer, dry and thirsty, salty and sarcastic.
    I wait assuredly for the drone of the cool night,
    and the moon will comfort me like a mother.
    Such is suffering and grace, warts and all.

    Thanks for visiting my page. God Almighty is greatest.

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