Kind Attention: Arvind Kejriwal San

Dear Respected Chief Minister Sir,

and all that jazz…

I don’t really know if you’ll ever read this and I don’t mean any disrespect or anything. In fact, as odd as it may sound, I mean to hand you some praise. Which you have earned meritoriously.

So, this morning I am travelling in an auto to my office in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi when the driver of my auto, Mohammad Jaseem, breaks into a love song in praise of your bodacious awesomeness. I mean he waxed lyrical about your recent decision about the regulation of traffic on roads in the capital. He said the odd-even thing was working out so well for him. He encounters no traffic at all now. I don’t know if people are already talking about this. It seems Mohammad Jaseem is very happy.

I am ashamed that I don’t concern myself with current politics as much as I should, but I am familiar with politics in general esoterically. But I assure you I will try to keep up on this one. I know that you must have expected a multi-pronged effect of this move. I am not aware if you play chess, Sir, but you’d probably make an entertaining Grandmaster. I mean not like Tal or anything, but certainly better than Nakamura. Tal is absurd beyond ecstasy, but you also, have made me happy. But for entirely different reasons.

Anyways, I will come to my reasons later. It is about Mohammad Jaseem that I want to talk about. You see, after he had waxed about your bodacious awesomeness, he insisted that I should tell you how he feels. He made me promise an oath to Allah because I was reciting Surah Al Ikhlas in his auto on the way.

I don’t understand why he thought I could communicate to you what he felt towards you, when I don’t know you, and, oh well, before meeting him, I didn’t intend to know you. But, yes, I do, now. He made me see it. Mohammad Jaseem did. And some thing else that came up later. When I asked him why he thought I could do it, he said because to him I seemed very educated. I don’t know what gave him that impression, and I promise by Allah I didn’t read out my resume to him. And I won’t to you. I am on Facebook. Duh!

But here’s what I thought. I thought, for all the love of God, let’s do this for Mohammad Jaseem. Let’s try this once. And here I go. On behalf of the auto community which Mohd. Jaseem represent, I congratulate you on your wise decision on the even odd, ahem, thing. And I am thankful on behalf of the environmentally concerned. You know how nature adapts in changing environment? Well so do men, and so must business entitties.

Among those environmentally concerned, those who want their mobility unhampered by the even-odd thing that’s taken half the traffic of Delhi by storm, DID YOU KNOW:

The Ciaz SHVS Hybrid is the only car unaffected by the even-odd rule in Delhi!!! Way to go, eh!! It’s a Way of Life!

And now you know why I am happy. Thanks, buddy.


~ by Bombadil on January 9, 2016.

One Response to “Kind Attention: Arvind Kejriwal San”

  1. I think you should make up businesscards for brainjams and claim that’s your reason for being there. That would generate some respect and cut down on Click

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